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Ruth Holmes MAY20,21,336 was born on 11 Jul 1897. She died. Her reference number is 539.

Spouse: Clyde Leroy GROW. Clyde Leroy GROW and Ruth Holmes MAY were married about 1916 in Ks. Children were: Gwendolyn Naomi GROW, Clyde L. GROW.

Samuel MAY.2,16

Spouse: Minnie REYNOLDS. Samuel MAY and Minnie REYNOLDS were married on 27 Sep 1897 in Madison Co. KY.16

Samuel MAY1 was born about 1852 in Garrard Co., Ky. Parents: Jackson MAY and Matilla BURTON.

Suan Ann MAY2 died in Jul 1892 in Madison Co. Kentucky.

Spouse: William M. TEATER. William M. TEATER and Suan Ann MAY were married about 1867 in Madison Co. KY.

Susan A. MAY1 was born about 1848 in Garrard Co., Ky. Parents: Jackson MAY and Matilla BURTON.

Talton MAY.2,4,16

Spouse: Dola Novel AGEE. Talton MAY and Dola Novel AGEE were married on 22 Jan 1896 in Madison Co. KY. Children were: Carl MAY.

Whitney MAY.2,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 Parents: Jim MAY and Vivian COBB.

Whitney Lee MAY.2,4,5,6,8,12 Parents: James Marion MAY and Vivian Lee HASSELBRING.

Wilbert MAY.2,4

Spouse: Kitty BURTON.

Phillip MAYER20,21 died. His reference number is 443.

Spouse: Sally ARNSPIGER. Phillip MAYER and Sally ARNSPIGER were married on 13 Mar 1815 in Jessamine Co, KY.175

Elinor MAYHEW.1

Spouse: William ROBERTS Sr.. William ROBERTS Sr. and Elinor MAYHEW were married on 11 Dec 1735 in St. Pauls Parish, Baltimore Co., MD. Children were: Nathan ROBERTS Sr.

Elizabeth MAYS1,22 was born after 1790 in North Carolina. She died in (probably) Kentucky. She was buried in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky. Her reference number is 464 .9c. Elizabeth Mays was buried in Nicholasville, Kentucky, as was her son Samuel Rush Reynolds.

1850 Jessamine Co., KY
1st Division
Pg 15 25 Aug 1850

Samuel Mayes 58 M Farmer VA
Elizabeth Reynolds 50 F KY (Elizabeth (Mays) widow/David Reynolds)
Ann Mayes 50 F KY
George Ann Mayes 18 F KY
Samuel R. Reynolds 11 M KY (son of David Reynolds/Elizabeth Mays)
Richard Scott 25 M Overseer KY

Spouse: David REYNOLDS. David REYNOLDS and Elizabeth MAYS were married on 26 Jul 1836. Children were: Samuel Rush REYNOLDS.

Fannie MAYS2 was born in 1843. She died on 16 Aug 1918. She was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Jessamine Co., Ky.

Spouse: William Harrison DEAN. William Harrison DEAN and Fannie MAYS were married on 8 Feb 1866 in Jessamine Co, KY. Children were: Sherman , Sr. DEAN, Nannie DEAN.

Rebecca MAZE1 was born on 25 Aug 1810 in HArrison Co., Ky. She died on 29 Dec 1886 in Humboldt, Coles Co., IL. Parents: Samuel MAZE and Isabella STEPHENSON.

Spouse: John Arthur BOYD. John Arthur BOYD and Rebecca MAZE were married on 28 Oct 1830 in Union Co., IN.

Samuel MAZE1 was born on 25 Jun 1788 in Lancaster/Westmoreland Co., PA. He died on 9 Nov 1875 in Boone, IN.

Spouse: Isabella STEPHENSON. Samuel MAZE and Isabella STEPHENSON were married on 14 Sep 1804 in Kentucky. Children were: Rebecca MAZE.

Darlene Joyce Anne MAZIBROOK.20,21

Spouse: Gordon Steves ARNSPIGER.


Spouse: TIESENGA. Children were: Maureen TIESENGA.

Ellen MCALISTER1 was born in Mar 1856 in Lincoln Co., KY. Parents: Joseph MCALISTER and Martha OWSLEY.

Spouse: John Owsley EVANS. John Owsley EVANS and Ellen MCALISTER were married on 21 Jun 1875.


Spouse: Martha OWSLEY. Children were: Ellen MCALISTER.

Ann Elizabeth MCBAIN.1

Spouse: David Doyle COLVIN. David Doyle COLVIN and Ann Elizabeth MCBAIN were married on 10 Sep 1846 in Boone Co., MO.

Harriett Ann MCBAIN1 was born on 5 Apr 1802. She died on 25 Jun 1843. Name: Harriett Ann McBain
Sex: F
Birth: 5 APR 1802
Death: 25 JUN 1843
Burial: Union (Old Union) Church, Primitive Baptist, Sec. 4, Town. 47, Range 13, Cedar Township, Boone County, Missouri 1

Marriage 1 George Hume b: 15 OCT 1800 in Virginia
Married: 24 JUN 1824 in Boone County, Missouri

Spouse: George HUME. George HUME and Harriett Ann MCBAIN were married on 24 Jun 1824 in Boone Co., MO. Children were: Lewis HUME.

Ignatius MCBAINE1 died in Annapolis, MD.

Spouse: Elizabeth CARRICK. Children were: Sophia MCBAINE.

Sophia MCBAINE1 was born about 1806 in Maryland. She died on 4 Jul 1895 in Boone Co., MO. Name: Sophia McBaine
Sex: F
ALIA: Sophia /McBain/
Birth: ABT. 1806 in Maryland
Death: 4 JUL 1895 in Boone County, Missouri

Father: Ignatius McBaine b: BEF. 1779
Mother: Elizabeth Carrick b: BEF. 1785

Marriage 1 Benjamin Colvin , Jr. b: ABT. 1805 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Married: 25 MAR 1824 in Boone County, Missouri Parents: Ignatius MCBAINE and Elizabeth CARRICK.

Spouse: Benjamin COLVIN Jr.. Benjamin COLVIN Jr. and Sophia MCBAINE were married on 24 Mar 1824 in Boone Co., MO.

Pat MCBRIDE.1 Parents: Woodrow MCBRIDE and Mary Helen SANDERS.

Vonda MCBRIDE.1 Parents: Woodrow MCBRIDE and Mary Helen SANDERS.

Spouse: Kenny TURPIN. Children were: Chris TURPIN.

Woodrow MCBRIDE.1

Spouse: Mary Helen SANDERS. Children were: Vonda MCBRIDE, Pat MCBRIDE.


Spouse: Charles Upton I SHREVE. Charles Upton I SHREVE and Sallie B. MCCANDLESS were married on 28 Jan 1852 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Children were: Sallie Truxton SHREVE, Eliza Ann SHREVE, Thomas Taliaferro II SHREVE, Evilena Emerson SHREVE, Minnie Elliot SHREVE, Charles Upton II SHREVE, Leven Laurence SHREVE.

J. W. MCCANN1,22 was born after 1790 in Massachusettes. His reference number is 462 .32s.

Spouse: Nancy Martin BARLOW.

Mary A. MCCARTHY1 was born on 18 Sep 1836. She died on 16 Mar 1900.

Spouse: George WELLS. Children were: Benjamin Roe (Ben) WELLS, Malinda WELLS, Grace (Gracy) WELLS, Caroline WELLS, Richard WELLS, William WELLS.

Mary Bessia MCCARTY.2

Spouse: James C. MORFORD. Children were: Louise MONFORD.

Alva Lee MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Bowden Evertt MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Charles Edward MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Charles William MCCASKEY2 was born on 27 Dec 1857 in Ripley county, Indiana. He died on 17 Jul 1933 in Verdigris, Rogers County, Oklahoma.

Spouse: Martha Ellen COBB. Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB were married on 2 May 1889 in Douglas Co., Mo.. Children were: Alva Lee MCCASKEY, Ona Belle MCCASKEY, Della Eveline MCCASKEY, Maudie May MCCASKEY, Hobart Roosevelt MCCASKEY, Louella Jean MCCASKEY, Charles Edward MCCASKEY, Bowden Evertt MCCASKEY, Maggie May MCCASKEY.

Della Eveline MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Hobart Roosevelt MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Louella Jean MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Maggie May MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Maudie May MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Ona Belle MCCASKEY.2 Parents: Charles William MCCASKEY and Martha Ellen COBB.

Hetty Love MCCHESNEY17,45 was born in 1853. She died in 1908.

Spouse: Thomas Lewis MARTIN. Children were: William McChesney MARTIN, Martha Curry MARTIN, Lewis Wynne MARTIN, Thomas Lewis II MARTIN.

Agnes MCCHORD1 was born on 21 Dec 1740 in Albemarle Co., VA. She died in Madison Co., Ky. IGI has Nancy McCord; Family Tree Maker, Volume I, #4065, AgnesMcCord, daughter of John McCord; Also, Volume I, #5127 and Volume I,#0772.

Spouse: Christopher HARRIS. Christopher HARRIS and Agnes MCCHORD were married in Albemarle Co., VA. Children were: Benjamin HARRIS, Jane HARRIS, John HARRIS, William HARRIS, James HARRIS, Margaret HARRIS, Isabell HARRIS, Samuel HARRIS, Barnabas HARRIS, Overton HARRIS.


Spouse: Mary Frances BOONE.

Elizabeth MCCLAIN1,22 was born in 1739. She died on 25 Nov 1825 in Garrard county, Kentucky. Her reference number is 465.

Spouse: Henry L. REYNOLDS Sr.. Children were: Mary REYNOLDS, Thomas REYNOLDS Sr, William P. REYNOLDS, Elizabeth REYNOLDS, Henry REYNOLDS Jr., Rachel REYNOLDS, Nancy REYNOLDS, Moses REYNOLDS, David REYNOLDS.

Russell MCCLAIN.2

Spouse: Jewell WYLIE.


Spouse: Elizabeth LAND.

Margaret Ann (Maggie) MCCLANAHAN.1

Spouse: Andrew David ROSS. Andrew David ROSS and Margaret Ann (Maggie) MCCLANAHAN were married about 1908 in Madison Co., Ky. Children were: George ROSS.

Isaac MCCLANNAHAN1 was born about 1840.

Spouse: Caroline CUNIUS.

Nancy MCCLARY211 was born about 1780 in VA. She died after 1850 in Anderson Co. KY.

Spouse: Jeremiah STRANGE. Jeremiah STRANGE and Nancy MCCLARY were married on 21 Dec 1801 in Halifax Co. VA. Children were: Mary Jane STRANGE.

Infant MCCLAUGHLIN.1 Parents: Miles Oaken MCCLAUGHLIN and Nora SANDERS.

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